Aging not dying

Once you hit your 60s most people want to live.  They start to exercise, eat right, get lose weight and start doing things they did not do when they were younger.

Dating after 70 you betcha, dancing into their 100s why not?

With doctor’s approval anything is possible.  As long as things are done in moderation and keeping an eye out for scammers such as dating sites where you do not meet the person but can feel sorry for someone and start sending money.

Miracle creams that will banish those unsightly wrinkles are also scams, gravity is not something you can prevent from happening unless you go to get stretched and pulled your skin will fail you.

One of the most common places to be treated well ( I hear) are cruises.  Plenty of dancing, lots of fun and nowadays fairly inexpensive.  You can get massages, facials, relaxation and lots of conversation.

Yoga is good for getting your body and mind in a good place.  Reading is good for your brain and sometimes to take you away.

Vosun found a good place to get information about your health. Go to for some good articles.

Author: Patricia

AZ Medicaid Planning Boutique helping, guide, advocate, consult & qualify for AZMedicaid (ALTCS) since 2008.

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