Good customer service

Why is it important to you?   Vosun feels that if you get good service you will keep coming back to that business because they care about the person.

Recently, one place stood out.  Brawley, California has 4 motels in its little town. Two are everywhere you go and two are local.  Vosun went local to the Brawley Inn.  The minute we went through the door someone called out “hello, welcome”.  How many times do you walk in to an establishment and not one person acknowledges you?  The staff including the maintenance person all greeted us everytime we saw or walked past them.

On the other hand, Enterprise car rental in Phoenix (19th Ave & Dunlap) failed miserably in this area.  A reservation was made beforehand, a call from them the day before was made to make sure car was being picked up & they still lost the reservation, made us wait, gave us a filthy car (who wants someone else’s germs) and didn’t even offer to apply a discount or give us a tank of gas.  We walked out and did not rent a car & will not use them again.  The last 3 times were no better but at least we would get some sort of apology.  Time to move on to a better rental company.

Thank everyone that comes into your life even if you cannot help them but maybe all they need is someone to hear what they need.


Author: Patricia

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