Life in a box

As you go through life you find yourself moving around and making changes.  Some good some not so good.

Packing is always a chore but is it necessary to carry so much “stuff” around?

Why keep things, if they are in a box doesn’t it mean you do not need it?  Is it a memento & you want to keep it to pass it on?  Would the person you are passing it on to even care?  Your memories are yours and not the other person so why carry that extra piece of luggage around.  Why place a burden on that person so that they can pass it on?

Your memories are the only box you need.  Your whole life has been a box and you have the power to get out of the box, make your life a great one.  Do not depend on others to make those choices for you.



Author: Patricia

AZ Medicaid Planning Boutique helping, guide, advocate, consult & qualify for AZMedicaid (ALTCS) since 2008.

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