What does AHCCCS mean?  It is Arizona’s Medicaid program call Arizona Health Care Cost Containment Systems.  It is an umbrella with over 12 programs available to help people and their healthcare needs.  One being ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care Systems) which is the more difficult one to get approved for.

With most of the AHCCCS plans the main eligibility requirement is income.  With ALTCS the main requirement is being at nursing home level of care.  Income and resources are crucial too but there are ways to get the person qualified if they meet the medical portion.

Is this right for you or someone you know?  Not always, if a person owns a home there will be a lien placed on the home property.   Think of it as getting a loan from the State for your healthcare & then when you pass away the State wants the money they spent on you back.


Author: Patricia

AZ Medicaid Planning Boutique helping, guide, advocate, consult & qualify for AZMedicaid (ALTCS) since 2008.

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