Questions about ALTCS

When people call with questions about qualifying for assistance the questions are usually about owning a home, how much money will they receive and can money or home be given away.

ALTCS/Medicaid does not pay money to people they provide health care & services.  The applicant may pay his or her portion of their income to cover the cost of their care if they are not living at home.

The applicant’s home is not a countable asset UNLESS it has been place (titled) to a Trust.  Also, the State will place a lien on the home.

When someone gives away something of value & does not receive compensation for it the State considers it a transfer & will penalize the applicant if the transfer was made within the last 5 yrs of the application.

Clear as mud?  That is one of the main reasons a qualified individual is recommended to assist with the process.  If you needed a plumber or electrician would you pay someone that is licensed and contracted or do it yourself?  Getting it done right the first time saves time and peace of mind.